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Window Cleaning Waiver

We try very hard to make sure our pricing is fair and easy to understand.  We think it is important to customize our services to fit your needs and to only charge you for the items you want cleaned.  In order to make sure you are not getting charged for extras you do not necessarily want, we have provided a list of the items that are not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.  You may view this list below.  The prices on your estimate are only guaranteed for ten days.  Window Cleaning: Technicare cannot be held responsible for any damages prior to cleaning, such as scratches, broken seals, or damaged frames.  All items will be inspected to determine the best method of cleaning. All work is done to the best of the technician’s professional ability and cannot be held responsible if items cannot be cleaned to perfection due to circumstances out of our control. Our technicians are trained on how to detect and reduce the risk of scratching glass.  Glass inherently has scratches and therefore we assume no responsibility or liability for any scratches on glass.  With regards to sill cleaning, Technicare technicians automatically clean all parts of the window sill that are visible with the window closed.  The sill price on the estimate involves the opening of each window and cleaning the portion of the sill that is under the movable part of the window.  It also includes the cleaning of the bottom of the actual window sash.

48 hour cancellation policy:  Should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment we ask that you give at least a 48 hour notice.  When a customer cancels an appointment we give another customer the opportunity to schedule in their place.  In doing so we try to give the customer the courtesy of a 48 hour notice of the scheduling opportunity.  Any cancellation within 48 hours may be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.  We understand that emergencies happen, in these cases please call to reschedule as soon as possible.

These items are not included in our estimates unless otherwise specified:   

  • Unfinished Basement Windows – Unfinished Basement Windows are an extra charge and are not included in the Outside or Inside Prices unless otherwise specified.
  • Screen Removal – Screen Removal is included in your Screen Price. Screen Removal is an extra charge when we are not cleaning your screens and still have to remove them in order to clean your windows.
  • Inside of Skylights – The Inside of your Skylights need less frequent cleaning than the rest of your windows. The inside of your skylights are not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.
  • Grid Removal – Grid Removal is an additional charge and is not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.
  • Blind Removal – Blind Removal is an additional charge and is not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.
  • Paint and Stain Removal – Paint and Stain Removal are additional charges and are not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.
  • Edging – Edging is when painters do not tape close enough to the edge of the glass, therefore we have to re-cut the edge of the paint to meet up with the edge of the glass.
  • Sills – We automatically wipe off your Window Sills. A full Sill Cleaning is an extra charge and is not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.
  • Spore Removal – Spores are little flowering plants that are about the size of the tip of a pen. Spores usually grow in mulch. When Spores flower they are propelled into the air and adhere to windows and other flat surfaces. Spore Removal is not included in your estimate and is an additional charge unless otherwise specified. Click this link to learn more about Airborne Spores.
  • Oxidation or Mineral Deposits – Oxidation is very difficult to detect before a window is cleaned. Oxidation is a very rare occurrence and usually only happens on windows that have older metal screens or other metal materials around the window.  This phenomena occurs rarely and is usually undetectable before the initial clean, therefore we do not include it in our estimates unless otherwise specified.  Oxidation occurs when minerals bond to the microscopic pores in glass.  The result can look milky or dirty, however cleaning will not remove oxidation.  Oxidation requires an acid wash that releases the molecular bond between the glass and the minerals.  If oxidation is detected, your team leader will let you know and give you pricing for an acid wash.

This is not a complete list. Please ask your Technicare Team Leader for an explanation of any additional charges. Thank you.

Special Offers

Highest rated window cleaning service in Columbus OH, Louisville KY, Atlanta GA

Best local window cleaning service at the lowest price!

Technicare has become the #1 highest rated residential window cleaning service over the past 20 years because we have always focused on providing outstanding service that “wows!” our customers.  We have received the Angie’s List Super Service award every year since the early 90’s.  Technicare has become known as the local experts in window cleaning because so many residents have been impressed with our level of service year after year.  Window cleaning is not as easy as it looks because it takes a lot of training and practice to make windows shine like our experienced window cleaners do. We use the best squeegee techniques along with the safest and most effective window cleaning solutions to make sure your windows sparkle!

Why do so many people rate us #1 for residential window cleaning?

  • Award winning window cleaning service for over 20 years
  • Trained & experienced window cleaners
  • Clean-cut professional uniformed window cleaners
  • No mess, 100% Money back guaranteeservices-windowcleaning
  • Courteous and careful window cleaning technicians
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques
  • Our highly trained window cleaners go through a 64-step training process
  • Licensed, bonded & insured and we don’t use subcontractors
  • We have earned the Angie’s List Super Service award every year since the early 90’s
  • We clean hard to reach vaulted windows and skylights
  • Our window cleaners use the MXZ ladder system to safely reach vaulted windows inside your home without leaning ladders against your walls.
  • We clean screens, chandeliers and coach lights
  • We follow-up and make sure you are satisfied with our window cleaning service
  • We can take care of everything from start to finish so you don’t have to lift a finger

Why is it so important to hire the right window cleaner?

There are many cases of people trying to clean windows when they have no clue how to clean a window or how to treat your home.  We take great pride in the care that goes into making sure your home is treated well.  Our window cleaners are careful with your furniture and belongings.  We do many things to make sure we are taking care of your home, like taking our shoes off and wearing special shoe covers when we come inside your home.  Our careful technicians care about you and your home!

What can you expect from our professional window cleaners?

Once you schedule a window cleaning appointment with Technicare you will get a reminder email and our courteous window cleaners will call you on their way.  When our clean-cut window cleaners show up to your home on time they will be driving a nice shiny Technicare van, wearing nice & neat uniforms.  They will greet you with a smile and get right to work.  Once we are finished making your windows shine we will ask for your feedback to make sure you are happy with our work!

Why is equipment so important?

We use state-of-the-art equipment to clean your windows safely and effectively.  Our ladders employ the latest in safety standards including stabilizer arms and leg levelers so our professional window cleaners are making your windows shine in the safest way possible.  Our squeegees are top of the line to make sure we are giving your windows the best shine!

Why do our customers love our prices?

We itemize our pricing so you can always pick and choose what you want done and you always know what you are paying for.  This is a list of some of the services we offer:

  • Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning & Power Washing
  • High Windows, Vaulted Windows, Mirrors & Skylights
  • Storm Windows & Pella Inserts
  • Peach Tree Windows & Other Specialty Windows
  • Sunrooms & Solariums
  • Paint Removal & Detailing
  • Mineral Deposit Removal
  • Window Sill Cleaning
  • Window Frame Cleaning
  • Grid Removal
  • Screen Cleaning
  • Chandelier & Light Fixture Cleaning
  • Coach Light Cleaning

Contact our Columbus OH, Dublin OH, Powell OH, Westerville OHAtlanta GA or Louisville KY office today for a free estimate on professional window cleaning services, or fill out our form to schedule a service appointment with Technicare!

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Window Cleaning in  Dublin Ohio
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Window Cleaning in Columbus Ohio
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Window Cleaning in Louisville KY

Barbara Dudley
Barbara Dudley
April 15, 2021.
We are pleased with this company in many ways and have used their service for over 20 years. They are easy to work with and provide excellent window cleaning.
Alex Trazkovich
Alex Trazkovich
April 13, 2021.
Marsha George
Marsha George
April 11, 2021.
Very thorough and professional. Very happy with their work.
Jay Ryder
Jay Ryder
April 10, 2021.
Tile and grout cleaning service. Vary professional group or people. Timely and good communication, and excellent work.
Marjean Remy
Marjean Remy
April 10, 2021.
Frank Stoy
Frank Stoy
April 9, 2021.
Fabulous. These folks are professional, get it right and very customer focused.
Thomas Crowe
Thomas Crowe
April 8, 2021.
Excellent service
Bernadette Venkataraman
Bernadette Venkataraman
April 7, 2021.
Ray and Michael steam cleaned the limestone floor and the grout in my kitchen. It looks as if it was just installed! They did an amazing job and I would highly recommend this company.
Stephanie Lancaster
Stephanie Lancaster
April 7, 2021.
This company is a dream to work with. My home was in desperate need for duct cleaning and they were so so responsive and very very conscientious. The pricing is reasonable and worth every penny to have a reputable, professional team with top of the line equipment come and perform the service. Kelly was great and super responsive to my need to schedule an estimate and Nick(who gave the estimate) was the nicest person, and he talked to me about what the process would entail and made me feel super confident. Aaron and Ben were my crew for day of service and they were just exceptional and so careful !! They treated my home as if it was the most important job they had, and were even tolerant of all our animals !! (We r a foster house)!! I HIGHLY recommend this company for their values led top and would imagine ANY of the services they offer would be similarly handled !! Thank you
Greg Welsh
Greg Welsh
April 5, 2021.
Great crew!! Did a fantastic job!! Highly recommend!

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