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Window Cleaning Waiver

We try very hard to make sure our pricing is fair and easy to understand.  We think it is important to customize our services to fit your needs and to only charge you for the items you want cleaned.  In order to make sure you are not getting charged for extras you do not necessarily want, we have provided a list of the items that are not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.  You may view this list below.  The prices on your estimate are only guaranteed for ten days.  Window Cleaning: Technicare cannot be held responsible for any damages prior to cleaning, such as scratches, broken seals, or damaged frames.  All items will be inspected to determine the best method of cleaning. All work is done to the best of the technician’s professional ability and cannot be held responsible if items cannot be cleaned to perfection due to circumstances out of our control. Our technicians are trained on how to detect and reduce the risk of scratching glass.  Glass inherently has scratches and therefore we assume no responsibility or liability for any scratches on glass.  With regards to sill cleaning, Technicare technicians automatically clean all parts of the window sill that are visible with the window closed.  The sill price on the estimate involves the opening of each window and cleaning the portion of the sill that is under the movable part of the window.  It also includes the cleaning of the bottom of the actual window sash.

48 hour cancellation policy:  Should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment we ask that you give at least a 48 hour notice.  When a customer cancels an appointment we give another customer the opportunity to schedule in their place.  In doing so we try to give the customer the courtesy of a 48 hour notice of the scheduling opportunity.  Any cancellation within 48 hours may be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.  We understand that emergencies happen, in these cases please call to reschedule as soon as possible.

These items are not included in our estimates unless otherwise specified:   

  • Unfinished Basement Windows – Unfinished Basement Windows are an extra charge and are not included in the Outside or Inside Prices unless otherwise specified.
  • Screen Removal – Screen Removal is included in your Screen Price. Screen Removal is an extra charge when we are not cleaning your screens and still have to remove them in order to clean your windows.
  • Inside of Skylights – The Inside of your Skylights need less frequent cleaning than the rest of your windows. The inside of your skylights are not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.
  • Grid Removal – Grid Removal is an additional charge and is not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.
  • Blind Removal – Blind Removal is an additional charge and is not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.
  • Paint and Stain Removal – Paint and Stain Removal are additional charges and are not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.
  • Edging – Edging is when painters do not tape close enough to the edge of the glass, therefore we have to re-cut the edge of the paint to meet up with the edge of the glass.
  • Sills – We automatically wipe off your Window Sills. A full Sill Cleaning is an extra charge and is not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.
  • Spore Removal – Spores are little flowering plants that are about the size of the tip of a pen. Spores usually grow in mulch. When Spores flower they are propelled into the air and adhere to windows and other flat surfaces. Spore Removal is not included in your estimate and is an additional charge unless otherwise specified. Click this link to learn more about Airborne Spores.
  • Oxidation or Mineral Deposits – Oxidation is very difficult to detect before a window is cleaned. Oxidation is a very rare occurrence and usually only happens on windows that have older metal screens or other metal materials around the window.  This phenomena occurs rarely and is usually undetectable before the initial clean, therefore we do not include it in our estimates unless otherwise specified.  Oxidation occurs when minerals bond to the microscopic pores in glass.  The result can look milky or dirty, however cleaning will not remove oxidation.  Oxidation requires an acid wash that releases the molecular bond between the glass and the minerals.  If oxidation is detected, your team leader will let you know and give you pricing for an acid wash.

This is not a complete list. Please ask your Technicare Team Leader for an explanation of any additional charges. Thank you.

Special Offers

services-windowcleaningIt’s important to keep your windows clean and clear to maximize the amount of sunshine and warmth allowed inside. When left unclean, dirt and debris naturally build up, which makes the glass prone to unattractive smudges. Technicare offers professional window cleaning services so homeowners can once again see clearly through those windows!

Importance of Keeping Your Windows Clean

Window cleaning is a regular part of home maintenance, and failing to keep them clean can detract from your home’s curb appeal. Dirty, smudged windows are just not attractive from the outside or the inside, and they can even make it difficult to sell a home. A professional window cleaning and power washing can work wonders on a home’s exterior, potentially even reducing the amount of time to sell a home if it is on the market.

Hiring a Professional Window Cleaner

You could clean the insides and outsides of your windows by yourself, but window cleaning can be dangerous, backbreaking work for homeowners who aren’t prepared for the challenge. Technicare’s expert cleaners have many years of experience in the industry and can clean your windows quickly and efficiently. A professional cleaner uses scientifically formulated window cleaners and specialty tools designed to clean even the dirtiest windows while protecting them from scratches caused by a buildup of dust and dirt. It’s virtually impossible to get the same crystal clear, streak-free results with a DIY job.

Additional Cleaning Services

While we are one of the largest window cleaning services in the state, we don’t limit ourselves to just windows! We also clean light fixtures, chandeliers, skylights, screens, mirrors, ceiling fans, and more.

Contact our Atlanta, Louisville, or Columbus office today for a free estimate on professional window cleaning services, or fill out our form to schedule a service appointment with Technicare!