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Water Restoration

Water Emergency? Call us 24/7/365

We can save you up to $300 off your water remediation costs (5% off your deductible up to $300).

Learn more about our water restoration services.

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Water Restoration
Up to $300 Off
(Up to $300 off deductable up to 5% of Remediation)
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Uncommonly good service, surprisingly low price!

Technicare Home Pros is local

We can take care of your entire water emergency – We remove the water and repair the water damages.

We are I.I.C.R.C Certified, Licensed, Bonded & Insured.

We have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and we have the highest ranking on Angie’s List.

We provide outstanding customer service every time.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and drying techniques.

We make the insurance claim process easy for you!

We are highly experienced with water emergencies in fully finished basements.

We are experts in flooded basements, sump pump failures, toilet overflows, broken pipes and many other water emergencies.

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Emergency Response when you need us 24/7

Water can be extremely destructive, usually resulting in thousands of dollars of damages. If your home or business has experienced a water emergency, you need to call a local water damage repair expert immediately, and Technicare is the best choice for professional water restoration services.

From small water problems to major flood damage, our experts are ready 24/7 to respond to your water emergency

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Why do your neighbors call Technicare Home Pros for their water emergencies?

Water damages should always be dealt with immediately.

Water can provide a breeding ground for mold if not treated immediately. Mold can also grow if water mitigation is not done correctly; that is why we stay current on the latest IICRC water damage protocol.

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Reduce your chances of mold!

Technicare’s water restoration experts can take care of your water damage problems.

No matter if you are experiencing a water damage as simple as a faucet left running too long, leaky roof or a leaky pipe, or something more serious such as a broken water main, sump pump failure, toilet overflow or flash flooding, Technicare’s water restoration experts can handle your water extraction emergency.

We specialize in taking care of water damages in high end homes with fully finished basements.

Call Technicare today for any water extraction emergency. In addition to water restoration, we also specialize in water damage repair and water damage remediation.

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We can manage the problem, no matter the cause.

We want to help you keep your water damage costs as low as possible, so we make sure we assess your water damage thoroughly and take the correct course of action in order to mitigate your water damage costs.

Our goal is to return your home or business back to normal as soon as possible and reduce your chances of developing mold problems. We treat water damage areas with antimicrobials in order to decrease the opportunity for mold growth.

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Uncommonly good service, surprisingly low price!

Complete Water Removal

Our experts have a lot of experience serving the needs of businesses and home owners in our community. We can respond 24/7; our water restoration experts will respond to your water damage emergency quickly.

We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and our technicians are IICRC certified (Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification). Technicare’s water restoration technicians are trained and experienced in flood cleanup operations, such as water extraction, water remediation and water damage repair.

Water damages need immediately action. The more you wait, the worse the damage can get, which could result in higher restoration costs. The water will need to be removed using a process known as water extraction, and then everything will need to be completely dried, cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized.

Technicare restoration experts use the most advanced water removal and restoration equipment, designed to remove the water from your home as quickly as possible in order to reduce structural damage. Through the use of water pumps, truck-mounted vacuum units, air movers, and industrial dehumidifiers, our technicians will take care of your water emergency from start to finish.

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Any time, Day or Night.

Any time, day or night, our water restoration experts are here to help you. You can depend on the water removal experts at Technicare for any water extraction emergency.

Our team of specially trained residential water removal and home water damage experts will diagnose your water damage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and begin removing the water. We understand that water damage emergencies are very inconvenient and disruptive, that is why we can begin water restoration procedures at any hour of the day.

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Expert Technicians, Guaranteed

Call now to get us started on your water restoration emergency and water damage repair. Our water restoration experts are specialists in water damage repair, water damage restoration and water damage mitigation.

No problem is too big or too small for our experts to handle. Technicare offers fast, efficient and professional water extraction experts that you can trust to handle your emergency from start to finish.

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Control your costs in water restoration.

The longer you wait to act the greater the chances of structural damage, mold growth and wicking of moisture into finished areas.

Water can do a lot of damage within 24 hours. Water left untreated can cause structural damage and provides a breeding ground for mold. The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage can be, and may result in higher restoration costs.

Mold can establish within 24 to 48 hours of the initial water damage event. Once mold spreads, it is very hard to contain. Mold can cause numerous health concerns if not dealt with correctly. Call your local water damage repair experts right away!

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Expert Water Restoration Technicians

Our water damage experts are IICRC certified and trained in the latest water restoration techniques. Our water restoration experts at Technicare are efficient at diagnosing, drying and repairing all types of water damages including broken water mains, sump pump failures, toilet overflows or flooded basements.

Technicare Water Restoration Experts can handle your water extraction emergency. Our experts are experienced with water damages in high end homes with fully finished basements. We are ready to help with your water damage emergency immediately. Our experts can respond 24/7 with state of the art water restoration equipment and techniques.

Uncommonly good service, surprisingly low price!

We can tackle storm and flood damage.

Once you can return home and flood waters recede, our water remediation experts can begin extractions. Once a flood occurs you have about 24-48 hours before mold and mildew begin to spread, so don’t waste anytime. 

Flood cleanup should begin immediately once a storm has passed and the flood waters recede. Once you can return to your home after flooding, make sure it is safe to enter, and make sure all utilities are shut off. Document the damage by taking photos or videos, for insurance purposes.

Call Technicare right away so we can begin removing furniture and electrical appliances that are in danger of being damaged by the flood waters. Any remaining water will need to be extracted from the structure using submersible pumps and truck-mounted extraction systems. The drying process is completed by using industrial dehumidifiers and blowers. All flood damaged surfaces will be cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized.

Repair work will start once everything is completely dry. Flood cleanup should only be done by experts. The consequences for not following the correct protocol can end up costing you thousands of dollars and creating an unsafe living environment. Once a flood strikes your home you have about 24 to 48 hours before mold and mildew start to form. Once mold starts your flood damage restoration costs can skyrocket. It is extremely important that immediate action is taken.

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We will help you navigate insurance claims. 

Don’t worry about the process, we will take care of dealing with your insurance provider for you. We can take care of your entire emergency from getting you dried out to rebuilt.

We can take care of your entire water emergency. We offer water extraction and complete drying, carpet cleaning, structural repair, reconstruction, and restoration. We manage the entire process until your home or business is back to normal. We also take care of dealing with your insurance company for you. We navigate the insurance claims process for you so you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible!

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Respond quickly to keep things affordable. 

98% of basements will experience some sort of water damage, and we specialize in high-end finished basement emergencies. The sooner our team is onsight starting mitigation, the greater the opportunity to stop damage. 

Statistically, virtually every home will experience some sort of water damage. According to recent studies, 98% of all basements will experience some sort of water damage. A flooded basement can be caused by a faucet left running too long, leaky roof or a leaky pipe, or something more serious such as a broken water main, sump pump failure, toilet overflow or flash flooding.

Technicare Water Restoration Experts can handle your basement water extraction emergency. We specialize in taking care of water damages in high end homes with fully finished basements. If you find that you have a flooded basement, make sure you do not put yourself in danger of being shocked. The water will need to be removed from your basement using water pumps and truck-mounted water extraction units.

Shop-vacs and household fans are of no use in most of these situations because they take way too long to extract the water; you will only be increasing the chances of mold growth. Once standing water is removed we use industrial dehumidifiers and air movers to pull the remaining water out of the air and saturated structures such as drywall, insulation, trim, studs and concrete.

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What is the process of Water Restoration (Water Extraction)?


We first assess the source of the flooding to determine the safest remedy. The assessment will also consist of moisture reading, humidity readings, clear water or black water determination, when the flooding occurred and the length of time the water has been sitting.


We will safely remove all furniture in the affected area and determine if the furniture can be saved. Once all the items are removed from the affected carpet, the extraction process will begin.


We will use our state of the art water extraction equipment to make sure the process is done quickly and thoroughly. This will allow for a much more rapid dry time.

4Carpet and padding

Depending on the amount of water and the length of time the flooding occurred we may need to remove the carpet and the padding. Most cases will require us to remove the padding. This is done for the safety of your home and family. The technician will notify you before this is done.


Technicare always uses the most advanced equipment available. We will determine how many turbo dryers and dehumidifiers it will take to complete the job in a safe, timely manner. This equipment is rented on a daily basis. Most damages are completely dry with in 2-3 days. You are financially responsible for the equipment while it is on your property.

6Return visits

During this time the equipment will need to be left on, and a technician may come DAILY to monitor equipment, and to check moisture and humidity readings. The technician will then notify you of the progress.

7Completion of job

Once everything is completely dry, we will return to pick up equipment, install new padding if applicable, reinstall carpet if it was saved, move back all furniture and clean all affected areas. The cost for all supplies will be predetermined and included in the estimate given to you at the beginning of the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered with the estimate I’ve been given?

Technicare will come to your home to evaluate damages that have occurred to your property due to flooding.  You will receive an approximate time in which the work will be completed, as well as the approximate cost to do the job correctly.  We must stress that these are only estimates and the price is subject to change due to unforeseen incidents that can only be determined once the work is started.  Any additional cost will be communicated to you immediately.  The cost of supplies and all measurements will also be included in the estimate.  Due to the complex nature of the estimate, there is an estimate charge of $125.00.

Do I need to remove furniture from the affected areas?

Technicare technicians will move most furniture and items.  We ask that all valuables, breakables and clothing are removed from affected areas before the work is begun.

How much time will this process take?

Because all flooding is different, there is no set amount of time for the process to be completed.  Typically, everything is dry within 2-3 days but the re-installation of padding, tacking down or reinstalling existing carpet, and cleaning may not be done right away due to scheduling conflicts and material back order.   All work will be done as efficiently and effectively as possible.  An estimated time will be given during the evaluation process.

How will I communicate with the project manager?

A technician will be assigned to your job, at which point he will contact you and exchange all important contact information.  We want you to feel safe and confident that Technicare is doing an outstanding job.  You are encouraged to contact the technician at anytime if any questions arise.

How often will someone come to my house?

We may need to come to your home daily to monitor the equipment and readings.  We will contact you to make arrangement for monitoring.  If you cannot be home, it is best to make arrangements to allow the technician to enter. i.e. garage codes or neighbors with access.  We want all of our clients to feel assured that their property is safe when they are not home, Technicare completes background checks on ALL employees, and is licensed, insured and bonded.

What if I change my mind regarding trying to save the carpet or padding?

Technicare will work with you to make sure the best option is determined before the job is started.  However, if any changes are made once the job has started; the technician will go over any new charges and process with you.

Is the cost of padding included in my price and does Technicare replace carpet?

All cost of material will be included in the estimate.  Technicare will only reinstall existing carpet that is being saved.

How do I pay for the job?

It is best to determine if the job will be submitted to insurance or if you will be paying for the services yourself.  If the job will be paid for by the insurance company then we will need the insurance adjusters name, contact number, fax number, and your claim number.  The deductible is due upon completion of work.  If you will be paying for the job than payment is due upon completion of work.

Uncommonly good service, surprisingly low price!