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Roofing Inspections, Replacements & Repairs

Damage to your roof can be hard to see from the ground, especially to the untrained eye.

Our expert roof inspector has decades of roofing knowledge and experience as an insurance adjuster. When he assesses your roof for storm damage, he does so through the eyes of an adjuster, knowing what storm damage to look for and what information your home insurance needs to cover the cost of a new roof.

Here are just a few examples of the type of storm damage our inspector has found:

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Drone Roof Inspections

In some instances we use drone technology to perform a safe and accurate roof inspection.

Our drone technology provides an assessment of your roof that can detect even the smallest level of damage (better than the human eye).

Here are just a few of the ways our drone assessments might be a better option for your roof:

Safety & Accessibility

Safely on the Ground

Climbing ladders and walking roofs can be very dangerous for inspectors. With our drone technology, our inspectors can safely and more effectively assess your roof from the ground.

Access All Areas of the Roof

Some portions of roofs are inaccessible or too dangerous for ladder-assist inspections causing key areas to be skipped in an assessment which could be detrimental to your roof’s health. With drone-based inspections, crucial damage can be detected that would have otherwise been missed with a traditional roof inspection.

Accuracy & Efficiency

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

Industry studies have shown that drone roof inspections can cut inspections time with increased accuracy of at least 97%.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

The human eye can miss smaller damage early on, potentially compromising the structure of the roof. Powered by artificial intelligence, our drones can spot these early signs of damage preventing a much larger issue in the future.

Always Double Checked by An Expert

All of our inspections are double checked by our expert inspector before submitting a claim to your insurance.

Unbiased Technology

Unbiased Computer Software

Packed with state-of-the-art technology, our drones utilize advanced computer software to detect damage more accurately than human assessments.

Because it uses AI, drone inspections cut-out the natural bias other inspectors might have when looking for damage and only report real damage.

3D Modeling & Reporting

Roof Assessment at Your Fingertips

We provide you, as well as your insurance company, with a cloud-based copy of our 3D modeling and reports which includes high definition photos and detailed analysis of damage on your roof.

Roofing Replacement

3 Easy Steps To Get A Free Roof

Get A Free New Roof In 3 Easy Steps


Request a Free Roof Inspection Here.


We will tell you if your insurance is likely to pay for a new roof (97% accuracy).


We will help you file your claim and help manage the process for you (we make the claims process easy).

3 Easy Steps To Get A Free Roof

Would you like a Free Roof Inspection?

Insurance Companies love working with us.


We have existing relationships with many local insurance adjusters.


As an insurance adjustor for 16 years, our roofing division manager knows what is typically covered and what your adjustor is looking for.  


Insurance adjustors know we have a 97% claim approval rate and are happy to work with us. 

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Our one-day roof replacement process


Our one-day roofing process is quick and convenient.


We protect your home and your landscaping with our innovative CatchAll system.


We clean up after ourselves so the only thing we leave behind is a beautiful new roof.


Our no contact electronic management system helps make communication effortless.


Watch our convenient roofing process:

Why did Technicare add a Roofing Division?

Roofing is a service our customers have been asking about for quite some time.

Homeowners have been underserved by roofing companies for too long

We wanted to provide homeowners with roofing services at the same caliber we offer with the rest of our award-winning services.

We found the perfect solution

Jason is a former employee of Technicare who started his own roofing company and he has 16 years of experience as an insurance adjuster. Jason is also a longtime family friend of Mike and Eric, the owners of Technicare.

Jason understands how important customer service is to Technicare customers

Jason used to work at Technicare and he built his own roofing company with the same customer service philosophy which shows in his online roofing reviews, his customers are raving fans!

Meet Jason, the head of the Technicare Roofing Division

We also offer roofing repairs and brand new roofs on new builds

Uncommonly good service, surprisingly low price!