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Tips To Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

There are many ways, ranging from simple substitutions to larger investments in your home’s energy usage that can help make your home more efficient.

Making these changes, small and large, can help save on your energy bills and make your home more environmentally friendly.

Check out these tips below for some suggestions to improve the energy efficiency in your home.

  • Make sure your attic has adequate insulation.

    Many homes are under insulated, allowing outside temperatures to affect the inside heavily.

    Adding an extra layer of insulation can keep those temperatures out and reduce fluctuations in temperate in your home.

  • Ensure that your roof has proper ventilation.

    Even the most energy efficient roof still allows some hot air to get into your attic.

    A proper ventilation system can remove this hot air, and reduce cooling costs.

    If you question your roof’s condition, click here to schedule a free roof inspection with Technicare Home Pros!

  • If you are looking to replace your roof, choosing the right color shingles can reduce cooling costs of your home.

    Darker colored shingles absorb more heat and transfer it into your home.

    Choosing a lighter shade will reduce heat absorption and result in less energy usage to keep your come cool.

  • Cover hardwood flooring with area rugs.

    This is an easy, cost-effective way to keep air from slipping through the cracks of your flooring.

  • Hang drapes over windows and sliding glass doors.

    There are drapes specially made to provide a layer of insulation and reduce energy costs, though any drape will provide some protection between the outside temperature and your home.

  • Check for gaps around all windows and doors that may let drafts into the home.

    Drafts slipping in may cause your heating and cooling systems to run longer and more frequently to maintain the temperature of your home.

  • Use programmable thermostats.

    These allow you to have your home comfortable when you are there while using less energy during times you are typically away.

    There are also models available that use weather forecasts to determine the most efficient way to heat or cool your home.

  • Use fans rather than your air conditioning unit when possible.

    Fans use less energy to keep your home cool and comfortable and allow you to reduce or eliminate running your air conditioner, especially on milder days.