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Simple Tricks To Remove Pet Hair From Carpets

The first course of action for removing pet hair from your carpets is a thorough vacuuming.

However, even vacuums marketed for removing pet fur cannot always pull out what gets deeply embedded into the fibers of your carpet.

In this case, you may need to resort to other methods.  Here are a few simple options to try.

  • An ordinary hairbrush.  Simply brush over the carpet and gather up the balls of fur that collect.

  • Rubber Gloves.  Slip on a pair, and rub your hands over the carpet in short strokes.

  • A balloon.  This one is a great idea if you have little ones that enjoy helping clean the house.

    Simply give them an inflated balloon, and let them rub it over the carpets and collect fur as they go.

Vacuuming should always be your first step, and often repeated vacuuming can remove most fur.  

When something else is needed, though, these tricks may be enough to get stubborn, embedded pet hair out.

Stains from pets require special cleaners to destroy all traces of staining and odor, and the Pet Treatments we offer at Technicare can help resolve those issues.

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