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7 Things Not To Do When Cleaning Carpet Stains

When your child knocks their glass of juice onto the carpet or your pet has an accident, the first instinct is to clean the carpet stain up immediately. 

While treating the stain quickly is almost always the best thing to do, treating it incorrectly can cause the stain to set in permanently or destroy the fibers of your carpets.

7 Things Not To Do When Cleaning Stains From Your Carpets


  • Most people assume the best way to treat a stain is with a commercially available carpet cleaner, such as Resolve or OxyClean.

    – In general, these cleaners should be avoided.

    – They often contain harsh ingredients that may damage carpet fibers, and using them may cause a carpet stain to become permanently set.


  • Never use any cleaning product on your carpets without testing first in an inconspicuous area. 

    – When testing, watch for a loss or change in color of carpet, and any distortion or damage of the carpet fibers.


  • Once you have determined a carpet cleaning product is safe for use, do not over apply it.

    – Start with a small amount and build up as needed.


  • If dirt or soil gets into your carpet, don’t attempt cleaning it while wet.

    – Allow it to dry completely, then vacuum the area thoroughly.


  • When cleaning the carpet stain, do not scrub.

    – This can damage and distort carpet fibers.

    – Instead, blot the area with a clean towel to absorb and clean the stain.


  • Don’t assume all types of carpets can be treated in the same way.

    – Certain types of carpets, such as wool, satin, and polyester require a more delicate touch and may react poorly to using any type of cleaning product.


  • While not related to staining specifically, be wary of products used to freshen carpets as well.

    – Products like Carpet Fresh and other powders can cause staining and delamination of carpet backing.


Avoiding these 7 common mistakes of cleaning carpet stains can help you keep your carpets looking clean and fresh without damaging the look or feel.

Do you have carpet staining you don’t feel equipped to handle, or simply feel your carpets could use a thorough, professional carpet cleaning?

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