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4 Tips On Decorating Your Home With Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Hanging Christmas lights on the outside of your home and property can be a tricky process.

Follow these 4 tips to make it go more smoothly!

1.Starting small is always best.

If this is your first time decorating with outdoor lights, start with a few bushes or other areas to serve as focal points.  You can grow your display over time.

2. Check each string of lights for burnt-out bulbs before hanging.

Once hung, the problem is harder to remedy.

Burnt-out bulbs draw extra power, causing the remaining bulbs to dim as well.

3. If decorating a tall tree with lights, it is best to do this using a pole while standing on the ground.

If a ladder will be used, be sure to have a helper handy to aid in keeping the ladder steady.

4. Be sure to turn off lighting before going to bed, or when away from home.

Following these tips can help eliminate some of the dangers and stress related to decorating your home for the holidays.


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Technicare can design, install, maintain, clean up and store your Christmas lighting to help make your season stress free.

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