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5 Easy Steps To Using Vinegar To Clean Your Glass Surfaces

1.  Make a vinegar solution using 1 Cup of Vinegar and 1      Cup of Water.  Pour the solution into a small spray bottle and shake well.

2. Prepare the glass surface by using a paper towel or cloth to wipe the surface.  Removing any dust or debris on the glass prior to cleaning ensures a more thorough clean. 

If there are any small items in the area, you may wish to move them. 

You may also wish to put a paper towel or other cloth in window sills or beneath mirrors to catch any of the vinegar solution that drips.

3. Using the spray bottle, mist the surface of the glass to be cleaned.

4. Wipe the entire surface of the glass to help the vinegar solution penetrate thoroughly.  The optimal choice for this would be a lint-free towel, though a paper towel will work as well.

When wiping, focus on spots with obvious dirt or grime.  Wiping quickly will help to prevent streaking of the glass.

5. After removing most of the moisture with the lint-free towel, dry the surface well.  A microfiber cloth will work best, though again, a paper towel will work as well.  Be sure to rub quickly and vigorously while drying to prevent streaks.

Vinegar can be great for cleaning stains on your carpets as well.  Check out our article on using vinegar to remove carpet stains.

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