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Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

The scent of your home is the first thing guests notice when they walk in. Greeting your guests with a pleasant, fresh-smelling home makes a welcoming first impression. Outside of a routine professional cleaning of upholstery and carpets (click here to learn more about Technicare
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Tips To Reduce Allergens In Your Home This Spring

When Spring allergens arrive, use these tips to help minimize their presence in your home! Keep doors and windows closed. This will minimize the amount of pollen and mold spores that are able to get inside your home. Vacuum frequently with a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum.
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Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe This Winter

The winter cold can be dangerous, not only for us but also for our furry companions. Using the tips below, you can help ensure your pets safely enjoy the season! Dress your pooch or kitty in a coat before taking them out to walk or
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Hostess Gift Ideas

All the parties and gatherings during the holiday season mean the need for gifts for their hosts and hostesses. Check out the list below for some great ideas for last-minute gifts!  A nice bottle of wine. Wine is a perennial hostess gift because it’s almost
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What Are Ice Dams?

Ice dams are accumulations on the eaves and in the gutters of your home. (Click here to learn about Technicare Home Pros Gutter Cleaning Service) What causes ice dams? When the temperature in your attic is warmer than the outside air, this heat can escape
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4 Issues Caused By Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause a number of issues for your home that may result in costly repairs. (Click Here To Learn About Technicare Home Pros Gutter Cleaning Services) Below are 4 problems that may result from not keeping your gutters flowing freely. Problems with your
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Last Minute DIY Costume Ideas For Kids

If Halloween has crept up on you, check out these 5 easy ideas for last-minute Halloween costumes for kids! Emojis. Cut 2 large circles out of yellow poster board.  Use colored markers to draw on faces. Poke 2 holes in the tops of each, and
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The Difference Between Power Washing and Soft Washing

There are two types of Pressure Washing:  Power Washing and Soft Washing. (Click here to learn about Technicare Home Pros Pressure Washing Services) Power Washing relies primarily on high-pressure water directed at surfaces to clean them of dirt and grime. Cement or asphalt surfaces such
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