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Home Care and Specialized Cleaning in Louisville, KY

A clean home is a comfortable home. Feeling comfortable in your space can make all the difference in productivity and well-being. Technicare has the professionals you need to keep your place looking great year after year.

Our Services

We are equipped to handle even the toughest home care situations. Our fully licensed and insured specialists have the training and experience necessary to take on a wide variety of tasks. From cleaning windows to full water restoration after flood or storm damage, we’ve seen it all—and can handle it all, too. At Technicare, we are proud to provide all of your specialized cleaning and maintenance needs.

Carpet Cleaner

Having a lush carpet beneath your toes as you relax in the den, bedroom, or any place in the house is the height of luxury. Unfortunately, carpets are notoriously difficult to keep clean. If your carpet is looking a little dingy, rented carpet steamers will only get you so far and could even damage the carpet if used incorrectly. This is where Technicare can help. Find out firsthand why our customers rave about us, and then schedule a service online or get a quick free estimate today.