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Our History


Our History starts way back in the beginning of the 20th Century with our Great Grandfather. Do to his extraordinary work ethic and commitment to service, he only missed one day of work his entire life (he had pneumonia).   We proudly carry on his tradition by providing our clients with outstanding service since 1993 when my brother and I decided to go into business together shortly after graduating from high school.

It only made sense that we would go into business together because we were inseparable from an early age.  Mike is two years older than me, so naturally whatever he did I wanted to do.  I thought he was the coolest guy around (and still do).  We played the same sports, had the same friends and went to the same school.  Many of the reasons we are who we are today, started way back in our youth.  When we were younger, Mike and I used to visit our grandparents for a couple of weeks in the summer and worked in our grandfather’s machine shop.  Our grandfather made surgical instruments his entire life, from the time he was 16.  Working hard was very important to our grandfather, who grew up during the Depression and enjoyed reminded us that he made 36 cents a day when he started out.

I have many fond memories of our grandfather teaching us how to make surgical instruments.  He even taught us what our facial expression should look like when working hard: teeth biting the lower lip and nose scrunched up.   Our work had to be perfect and we didn’t mess around.  Our grandfather was so well known for his hard work that a local newspaper wrote about him in an article when Cal Ripken Jr. retired from baseball, comparing their work ethic.  He refused to stop working even into his old age.  He did not fully retire until he was 78 years old.  At the ripe old age of 91, our grandfather beat Mike in chess, three games straight.  He was always sharp as a whip and made sure to let us know how proud he was of our hard work.

There wasn’t much Mike mne-Grampaand I didn’t do together growing up.  When we were in high school, we even worked for the same landscaping company during the summers. As young kids, we spent a lot of time together playing and exploring all of the woods and streams in the area.  Fresh out of high school back in 1993, we decided we needed to do something to pay for college.  The only natural thing was to start a company together.  Our mission was simple: work our tails off and give people outstanding service.  We knew if we did that, the phone would start ringing.  By the summer of our first year, we had five employees and the phones were ringing off the hook.  At 19 years old, I knew very little about running a business, however our customers were so impressed with our work they told many of their friends and neighbors about us.  Most people were not used to seeing such young guys working so hard.  “Word-of-mouth” has always been the largest contributing factor to the growth of our company.  From day one, we made sure we were doing everything possible to take care of our customers.  I remember in those early years working 15 hour days in nearly 100-degree weather.  My hardworking grandfather was very proud of that, of course.  We were starting to get so many calls every day that we hired our sister to answer the phones.

At that point, we were no longer just two brothers giving outstanding service, so Mike and I decided to name our company Technicare.  We went through a long and arduous process of selecting a name that would be appropriate for mne-Youngour company.  We wanted something that not only described what we do, but how we do it.  We wanted to focus on the people in our business and the importance of being careful and respectful of our customer’s property.  We ended up combining the word “technician” and “careful” to form Technicare.

Carpet cleaning is a very complex service involving a lot of different methods, machinery and chemistry.  Early on we decided that we needed to spend more time and effort on R & D to make sure we got it right.  We considered the “dry cleaning” technique, the “steam cleaning” technique, truck mounted units, mobile units and many other options.  There are pros and cons to all of the techniques, but when it comes down to getting carpet the cleanest, steam cleaning is the clear winner.  The main down side to most steam cleaning systems is the dry time, so Mike and I decided to invest in the most powerful equipment to extract as much moister out of the carpet as possible after cleaning.  We also use a technique called “double extraction” which means after cleaning the carpet we extract the remaining moisture twice.  The result is that the carpet ends up drying very quickly, not much longer than “dry cleaning.”  The problem with “dry cleaning” is that only a portion of each carpet fiber gets cleaned (and it’s not truly dry); “steam cleaning” gives a very thorough, deep clean.  It is our responsibility to make sure our customers get the best.  Along with carpet cleaning, we also started providing upholstery cleaning and tile & grout cleaning in addition to emergency water restoration.

Because of our systems and techniques, we have found that we are able to get pet stains and odors out of carpet that other companies can’t.  Other companies claim to use special water with no cleaning agent so they wouldn’t leave any residue behind, but the problem is they are leaving pet stains and odors behind.  Our customers regard us as pet stain and odor experts because we safely remove pet stains other companies leave behind.  We love pets; we have pets of our own so we know how important it is to take care of pet stain issues effectively and safely.  We have a customized treatment for just about every pet stain and odor problem you can think of.  Our pet stain treatments are great at removing pet stains and odors while remaining safe for people and pets.

We can deal with dander, odor, oily spots, urine and situations that require a more advanced approach.  There are even plenty of pet stains that come out with our standard steam cleaning process.  For stains that are a little more stubborn we can use our Basic Pet Treatment process by pretreating the area with urine stain remover that helps neutralize and remove yellowing, then we thoroughly steam clean the area.  After thoroughly cleaning the area we apply an enzyme that treats the fibers by neutralizing odors.

If stains and odors are caused by frequent pet urination in the same spot, we can step up to our Advanced Pet Treatment process.  We treat the carpet fibers and the padding by pretreating the area with urine stain remover.  We then saturate the padding with an oxygen powered solution to break down stains and odors.  After waiting 30 minutes for the enzymes to work their magic, we extract the stain with high-powered extraction.  Sounds a little scary, but it’s not bad for carpets or pets.  Once extraction is complete we thoroughly clean the area again with a process that is designed to cancel out odors, leaving a light, pleasant fragrance.

If our Advanced Pet Treatment is not enough we can get more aggressive and go a step further by disengaging the carpet, replacing the padding and sealing the subfloor.  We will do everything we can to get carpet back in great shape so people and their pets can enjoy clean, fresh smelling carpets.

Now that we have grown a bit and have become known as the highest rated, pet friendly carpet cleaning service at the lowest price, Mike and I are still very involved in the day to day operations.  Sometimes we are helping on the phones and sometimes we are out in the field taking care of customers or training new employees, in addition to managing the business.  Our key role is to make sure every person at Technicare is focused on providing outstanding service so we continue to be the highest rated, pet friendly, local carpet cleaning company at the lowest price.  Angie’s List recognized this by awarding us the 10 Year Super Service Award for earning their Super Service Award for 10 years straight.  We are one of 19 companies out of 9,000 to earn this award.  Even though Mike and I can’t be at every job and talk to every customer on the phone, we make sure all of our customers are receiving outstanding service.

Mike and I have had such a great experience growing up and raising our families in the community; we wanted to find a way to get more connected and “give back.”   Years ago, we decided to get involved with some local community events.  In addition to sponsoring community events, we provide free services for charities to raise money through silent auctions.

Over the years Mike and I have learned to work together very well, and we have developed a relationship that most brothers don’t get a chance to experience.  Our offices are right next door to each other and we even live down the street from each other.  We seldom make any decisions without consulting each other first.  Even though we spend a lot of time together, we have grown into our own roles; Mike is the head of operations, while I focus on marketing and technology.  At the end of the day we make a wonderful team and I wouldn’t want it any other way!



Our Awards

Awards for Technicare of Columbus Ohio and Louisville Kentucky
Angies list super service award to Technicare of Columbus Ohio and Louisville Kentucky