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Technicare is always looking for top talent to add to our growing team. We are a family owned business and we care about each and every person on our team. We provide intensive training so we do not require any specific experience other than providing outstanding service. Although joining the team at Technicare is not always easy, we have found a few things that a successful candidate possesses:

If you possess these traits and you would like to join our team, please take a couple of minutes to fill out an application. Once you submit the form a real human will go over your information and contact you if an interview is appropriate. Please select from the available positions or give us your thoughtful answers to the questions below:

Why do you think you would make a great fit on our team?

What do you think is important when providing outstanding service to customers?

What experience do you have that would contribute to being a successful member of our team?

How can you make Technicare better?

Problem Solving:

What is your availability for work?

What type of pay requirements do you have?

Contact Details: